Hens with Pens – Online Art Classes and they are FREE!!

Hens with Pens.. FREE online art classes

We’ve been chatting here in the henhouse and after all of our conversations with you wonderful people in the last 24 hours we wanted to try and give you a bit of a boost! Help with mindfulness and reduce some isolation you may feel.

So we called together our fabulous Models & Tutors and will be offering a programme of online art classes and life drawing classes for the next couple of months absolutely free for our amazing groups.

The support we had for this from our teams was overwhelming and we are truly humbled by their commitment to our community and we want to acknowledge that.

So grab your pencils, paracetamol and possibly a G&T, get comfy.. it’s time to draw!! 🙂

Our online programme of events and each class description will be posted here on our events pages over the next couple days.

Together we are stronger!

Mother Hen x

4 thoughts on “Hens with Pens – Online Art Classes and they are FREE!!”

    1. Hi Tracey, we checked the link and can’t see a problem but please do let me know if are still having an issue.

    1. Hi Gary, we have a couple of life-drawing classes running online at the moment please do have a look on the events tab on fb and sign up!

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