Why People Attend Life Drawing Classes

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If you have never attended a life drawing class before you may be wondering why people do attend them and if it is a good fit for your good self. So in this blog we thought we would give you some of the reasons why many people get so hooked on life drawing.

Improving Your Artistic Skills

Well, we might as well start with the most obvious reason first and that is improving yourself as an artist. If you improve your skills at drawing the human figure you will find that your general artistic skills will go up several levels, as it improves your technique so much if you stick at it.

Once you get good at life drawings you will find that the landscape drawings that you attempt are better, your cartoon figures are better and your abstract drawings are much improved also. There is no better way to improve your artistic skills than to draw the human form.

The Fascinating Human Body

People enjoy coming to life drawing classes because there is an endless fascination with the human body, both male and female. The human form captures our imagination like no other and is something that can never get jaded or boring. To create a gorgeous picture of another human being is a very fulfilling thing to do.

Communicating With Others

In these dark times we have found that keeping in communication with our fellow human beings is crucial to our well-being, so attending a life drawing class whether it be online or offline is a great way of doing just that. You can interact with people who have similar interests to yourself and make new friends.

Finding Peace In Drawing

You can find yourself in a very tranquil place without even realising when you are drawing the human figure. The focus and concentration you need when you are life drawing takes you away from all the stresses and strains of modern life. You are what sports people like to say as `in the zone` which can be quite a wonderful and refreshing place to be for an hour or so.

It gives your mind a break from thinking about all that is wrong with the world and all the things on your to-do list. This is one of the main reasons why people get so hooked on attending life drawing classes.

Why not get a group together and have a taster session over dinner or one afternoon? We run classes with and without a tutor for all sorts of groups! Just get in touch!

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