Hens with Pens Life Drawing for All Occassions

The Joy Of Life Drawing

If there is one activity that you should try out and that should be high on your bucket list it should be to go to a life drawing class. Life drawing is not only mind-expanding and eye-opening, it is also great fun, and when done within a group setting it can be a wonderful experience.

A New Perspective On Life Drawing

There are many people who have gone to a life drawing group, having never done any drawing, painting or any type of art since they left school, and they come away from it with a new perspective and find that they want to explore it more and find out how good they can become if they put in some work and some practice.

There are of course many who will be reticent in joining a life drawing class where the model in front of them is nude and I can well understand this, as here in the UK we are a rather introverted and shy bunch, especially when it comes to the human body! But if people can just overcome their misgivings they will find that it is not awkward at all as the models are always very professional and as you begin to draw you soon become focused on what you are creating rather than any issues you may have about the naked human form.

Every Human Differs In Shape & Looks

Every human differs in shape and looks, which makes drawing the human form so fascinating. No one drawing is ever the same. If you have 20 people drawing a life model in a class every drawing will have their own distinctive style, which when you think about it is quite incredible.

Hens With Pens Life Drawing Classes

You may be interested to know that Hens with Pens come out to you to run life drawing groups all around the country. They dress all the group in a mustache and beret to get their artistic juices running and the tutor will carry out some activities to get all the group used to using pencils, charcoal and paper again after what may have been a long break. We also tailor other art sessions for the more experienced or for those who think a different kind of style might suit them.

After that, a nude model will join the group and will adopt a series of different poses for everyone to draw, under the expert guidance of the Hens with Pens tutor. For more details on the Hens with Pens life drawing experience you can check out their website at https://www.henswithpens.com/

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