FREE Social & Community art classes this winter

The classes will be open to all adult community groups who run with limited or no funding.

Thank You M'am, For Everything.

Last Weekend's Gallery

We are super excited for another jam packed August weekend of cluckingly fabulous fun.

Office Party Life Drawing Inspo!

Life drawing parties are a great idea for any occasion.

Calling all Butlers... We are Hiring!

Two hours of classy but cheeky 'Hens with Pens' style Butlering! Pouring your drinks, party-pitched games, body-paint your butler and special requests.

Friday Montage

We just couldn't resist sharing some fantastic pictures, including all sorts of cheeky, cluckingly fabulous fun...

Nottingham Contemporary - Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary

Let's Draw to Ease Our Minds

While focused on the creative process, you aren’t giving energy to your anxiety.

Turning Up The Heat

If the heat is making you loopy (raise your hand) and you need a distraction to keep yourself sane, why not put pen to paper and get creative.

Tuesday's Montage

We are delighted to hear recently, the majority of our hens say they actually learnt a trick or two and continued drawing at home.

Bride-To-Be? Check Out These Gorgeous Balloon Ideas

Take your pictures to the next level by posing with a celebratory cluster of balloons! You'll be amazed what a difference you can make to a room.