Hens with Pens - Cultured, Chic and a just a little bit Cheeky! Hens with Pens - Cultured, Chic and a just a little bit Cheeky!

Looking for hen party ideas? We know it's an important day for you, so you will naturally have lots of questions. Here are a few of the most common ones we can help you with in advance. Please review these before making an enquiry...

How do I apply the discount code?
Your discount can be applied at the till by adding the code in the basket - please note you won't see the balance reduce. Our payment system works by reducing the amount collected from your card. Upon completing the transaction the reduced amount of £30 will be collected from your card. The full £50 deposit will be applied to your account so your balance remains correct.


To secure your class you can log in to the website using the email address and password you created when requesting your quote. If you've forgotten your password just request a reset

Take me to my account! Hens with Pens

There's guidance here if you're unsure: How to pay your deposit or balance online - Hens with Pens

Please note that the code 'BOOK2024' will removed if applied to 2023 booking.

What's included in a Hens with Pens life drawing class?

A Hens with Pens hen party life drawing class happens at your venue in any part of the UK.

We have a variety of party types to suit all groups so whether this is a nude-life drawing class, a fun art class, a blend of butlering and art or even a dance session we have a creative activity to suit you. All our parties are tailored to your group dynamic, because every group is different and has a different set of personalities.

Our team will give you a call the week of the party to say hello and learn a bit about your personalities in the group and any surprises or themes you've got planned so that we can pitch the party accordingly. The party will start with some short pose drawings to get you all used having paper and pencils/charcoal and gradually move into longer poses with some competitive group interaction and also collaborative activities. The events tend to develop a natural flow with your group so we don't overprescribe the specific activities but that's roughly how it will work. We bring everything you need so all you have to worry about is your Prosecco! It's a lot of fun, you'll have a great time

But what if I can’t draw?

Don’t worry – most of our hens have little or no art experience, but greatly enjoy this alternative hen party activity. Our tutors are professional artists and art graduates, so they can give you top tips or let you just draw wild depending on the mood of the class! It’s not a competition, but you will probably find that your skills improve over the course of the 90 minutes – and we often get feedback that hens are going to continue with life drawing when they get home!

Is the model nude?

Yes! But you can request that they be partially clothed, if you really want. We’ll also do our best to accommodate your party theme into our routine.

Can you bring hen party life drawing to our venue?

Yes! Hens with Pens is a mobile service and we can visit your venue pretty much anywhere in the UK. We regularly visit country cottages, big houses, hotels, private homes, function rooms, castles, and even yurts. We cover all the regular hen party haunts including London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Blackpool, Bath, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff – plus many more towns, cities, and remote countryside locations. If our local team is available, we’ll come to you – so just ask!

Can you provide a venue?

Yes! In order for us to try and source a venue for you, we need an idea of what area you are looking to be in or are located. We charge £50 on top of your venue hire cost for this service.

Any venue costs incurred by cancellation of the event by the hens must be born by you and will not be the responsibility of Hens with Pens, the same applies with the return of deposits where applicable.

Venues must be left in the manner to which they are found and where a deposit return is subject to this it will be the responsibility of the hens to meet the venue criteria.

Venue hire fees will be due 4 weeks after the payment of your deposit to us, your remaining party balance then 10 days before your event - we'll send you a reminder for both.

Remember adding a venue will increase your overall party cost and you can change your mind and let us know you'd like us to come to your location instead. We can come to anywhere that is secluded from public viewing, your home or accommodation will always be the most cost-effective location.

We suggest you ask your pub / bar / restaurant / hotel if it has a function room for a minimum spend.

If you need advice on a venue then drop Georgii a line at Georgii@henswithpens.com or give her a call/text 07763 237895

Is our venue suitable for a life drawing hen party?

Your venue needs to be private – 100% sealed off from public view,  with no one passing through. There also needs to be enough room and furniture for hens to sit down, a space for the model to sit (with respectful distances from your elbows!) and room for the tutor to move in between everyone.

If in doubt - just ask us! We are happy to look at links to your airbnb or advise on the best spot to use in your home.. we're very good at juggling spaces so there's always a solution.

Can we do the life drawing class outside?

If you have an outdoor area that is 100% private, you may be able to do some or all of the class outside. Please check with your model and tutor on the day.

Not everyone in our group wants to draw - can some of us just watch?

During the party, when drawing the model, we ask that you don’t have any spectators, this is so that the model feels respected and is fulfilling their job by being drawn - however, please do ask your team if they mind a few people watching, most of our teams don't object as long as they are respectful of the event and the group.

We are a mixed gender/LGBT+ group - can we book Hens with Pens?

Absolutely! Plus, if you prefer not to have a male model, just drop us a line to check availability before booking, via  fairygodmothers@henswithpens.com

What if more people join at the last minute - can we pay for extra hens on the day?

As long as you let us know your final hen total at least 1 week in advance of your date, the more the merrier! Unfortunately, with less than 1 weeks notice, it’s more difficult for us to order your extra materials and costumes, so there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate extra hens. But we may be able to – just get in touch asap!

No payments can be accepted by our models or tutors on the day so if you do have an extra person last minute please contact your booking concierge or email fairygodmothers@henswithpens.com.

I've booked HwP or made an enquiry online but haven't heard from you!

Don’t panic! We email everyone immediately after they’ve booked or enquired. So just check spam! Please be aware that your spam folder might have deleted older messages, though. To make sure you get all the info you need for your class.

• Add bookings@henswithpens.com & fairygodmothers@henswithpens.com to your approved senders
• Avoid using a Hotmail email address (as they chew up and spit our our emails!)
• Make sure the email address and phone number you provide are correct

When is the balance due?

We will send you your pre-party information and balance invoice 2/3 weeks in advance of your class. Balances are due 1 week before the party. If your balance is not paid prior to the event, then we are sorry, but the event will be cancelled and your deposit will not be refunded.

How do I pay?

First of all, enquire via our quick and easy online form.  Once your class is confirmed, we’ll forward  the quote including a link to your online account to pay your deposit, you'll also be able to pay your balance there in due course.. if you're unsure then drop us a message and we'll send you a link that you can use to pay via credit or debit card, Apple or Google pay. 

The deposit is £50 & to secure your class you can log in to the website using the email address and password you created when requesting your quote. If you've forgotten your password just request a reset

Take me to my account! Hens with Pens

Watch this little video if you're unsure: How to pay your deposit or balance online - Hens with Pens

Venue hire fees will be due 4 weeks after the payment of your deposit, your remaining party balance then 10 days before your event - we'll send you a reminder for both.

Your party balance will be due 2 weeks before your class, and we will be in touch via email to remind you about this or you can pay any time via your online account. Please bear in mind that bookings are taken on a first-come, first-served, regional basis so we always recommend booking earlier. If we do not receive your deposit within 10 days, I’m afraid we have to release the class again and we cannot guarantee availability - our teams are very busy!

We will however do our best to accommodate you.

Finally, we can also take card payments over the phone: 07542 030570 / 07922 043767 

I want to book my class but am waiting for fellow hens to contribute towards the deposit!

We understand that “Hen Wrangling” can be a feat of organisation, plus there are a raft of hen party ideas out there, so we’re pleased to be able to offer a low £50 deposit giving you plenty of time to gather your balance payments. After paying your deposit to secure your date you can make payments off your balance at any time by just dropping us an email and requesting a payment link for the amount you'd like to pay... contact fairygodmothers@henswithpens.com

Can I pay by cash, or on the day?

No. Our models and tutors do not handle cash or payments on our behalf. Consequently, we will provide you with a link to make payment along with your pre-party information in advance of the class. You also have the option of paying by card over the phone. Finally, balances are always due before the party, without the balance being paid your party can not go ahead.

Can we change the time of our booking?

Due to demand for Hens with Pens models and tutors, and the number of classes we host each day, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to change the time of your class. Therefore, please consider the best time for your class before booking, considering hens’ arrival times, mealtimes, and other activities.

Can we request a particular model?

We allocate models and tutors on a first-come, first-served regional basis, so regrettably we don’t have the capacity to offer a choice of model. We take great pride in who we have recruited – all our models combine a package of look, experience and an ability to get on well with all our parties. If you do have specific requests please do let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Is there a minimum age to attend a Hens with Pens class?

Yes. Although the Hen with Pens experience is not especially rude or “adult”, because it’s a life drawing class it does naturally involve nudity. Therefore, in line with most other adult ed. organisations, we ask that anyone attending the class is 18 or over. We are happy to run our themed or non-nude classes with those under 18.

Can you cater for a small group?

Of course!! Our 'Small But Mighty' parties are designed for groups of 6 or less and have a fixed price which includes travel ( a rural location caveat applies and may slightly increase the travel cost) and all your materials. We offer you a choice of our Bare Bones life drawing, Blended Life Art, Let's Get Arty and Come Dance with Us events under our 'Small But Mighty' option. If your group size grows then our normal pricing will be applied to the booking as these parties are offered at a significantly reduced rate for smaller groups, although if just a little addition we'll apply the Additional Hen cost of £15.. still keeping the cost low for you. If you require a venue then normal venue costs will be applied and as always you'll be offered our suggested options and the relevant pricing.

General Cancellation Policy

Obviously we hope that you wont need to cancel your event but if you do here's the information you need:

We will honour our prices until 2 weeks prior to your class.  We know that hen wrangling can be tricky so additional hens are charged at £15/hen and this can be adjusted up or down until the week before the party when your balance is due and we'll reflect the final hen count in the balance payment. We have a base price of 10 hens so below that the price will remain the same if your hen count drops below that.

Deposit payments are refundable up until 2 weeks before the event but after that I'm afraid we can't refund however, if you do have to change or rearrrange then we will honour your deposit for 12 months after cancellation.

We are sorry but cancellation within 2 weeks or 10 working days of the party will incur the full balance being owed or if paid, being non-refundable.

As with the deposit, we will honour the party for 12 months after cancellation however additional costs incurred by changing venue or increased numbers would need to be paid for.

Cancellation within 5 working days of the party,  will incur at £50 cancellation fee payable per team member in addition to any balances owed. 

(For example if your party cancels within 5 days, you will owe your party total + team cancellation fee. The team cancellation fee will not be transferred to a new booking unlike your deposit)

Venues: Once your deposit is paid Hens with Pens will pay to secure your venue on your behalf and should you choose to cancel or change your booking you will still be liable for any venue cancellation fees. We will, of course, do our best to secure a refund or limited cancellation fee with the venue to limit your additional costs. 

We understand things happen, and we will always do what we can to assist.

I have a question you haven't answered in the above FAQs

That’s okay, just  drop us a line!

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