Hes with Pens.. perfect party life drawing!

Looking for an alternative party idea? Hens with Pens are on a mission to bring fun and fabulous themed life drawing to your event. We offer male and female models and cater to Hens parties, LGBTQ+ events, Civil Ceremonies, Birthdays, Anniversaries …pretty much any event you can think of!

Wearing your beret and moustache while drawing your muse to swing music, you’ll get a taste of the artist’s life. We offer three party types:

Full Monty > the tutor will arrive first and carry out games or activities for the first 30 mins to get you all used to pencil/charcoal and paper. Most people haven’t used them in this way since school. The model will then join you for the final 60 mins. Unless otherwise requested the model will be nude and will adopt a variety of poses for everyone to draw under the guidance of tutor. Again this will be game or activity led by the tutor. This party has berets & moustaches provided.

Bare Bones > in this party format, you will have 60 mins and a model only. Unless otherwise requested the model will be nude and will adopt a variety of poses for everyone to draw. This will be game or activity led by the model. This party does not include berets & moustaches.

Dinner Party Art > a one-hour art session that is not life-drawing based. Our tutor will come and guide you and your guests through a themed session of art activities, you might like to try still-life with your meal or drawing each other in a specific style whatever you agree with your tutor you’re sure to have a lot of fun! This will be game or activity led by the tutor.

and then why not add a little extra…

HwP Photography > We know how exciting and important your events are, whether you’re a hen & stag group getting ready for the big day, having an extra special birthday or just creating a  memory with your friends you want the best record possible of the event with everyone looking fabulous! Leave the lighting and stress to us, our togs will creatively capture you in mid-artistic flow and maybe get you to strike a pose! Our photographers are highly experienced, friendly and imaginative and will capture you and your group enjoying your event, creating a series of 15 magical images for you to keep and of course look great on your insta feed.. yeah we know that’s where they’re going!!! 🙂 Add to any party type. > READ MORE..

Need a Venue? > Just let us know on the booking form and one of our awesome team will do their best to find you a great location. Remember adding a venue will increase your party cost and we can still come to your venue if you’d like us to!

All the parties are a lot of fun, so grab your G&T and get comfy, it’s time to draw!

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