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Wedding plannerHere at Hens with Pens we were thrilled to discover a new event planner, Holm and Ivy – the big day specialists. We met up with Jules, head honcho and Holm and Ivy, and wedding planner to the stars. We were so impressed with her design expertise – she really understands what a quirky, creative couple wants their wedding to look like.
What’s more, Holm and Ivy have the experience to actually make it happen! They manage everything from invitations to seating plans to accommodation, and we  like the way they’re so transparent about pricing, making budgeting that much easier.


holmandivyYou might be a more hands-on organiser yourself, in which case Jules can be flexible, offering  partial service, where Holm and Ivy simply organise one aspect of your wedding. Of course, if you’re busy and would rather have someone else take care of things, Jules is happy to step in with a full wedding planner service, taking care of everything to make sure your big day runs beautifully.
Learn more about Holm and Ivy and Plan your wedding here!


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