HWP Online meets Tutor Olivia – Beginning with Landscapes


Fabulous tutor Oliva will soon be running our HWP Online class: Beginning with Landscapes so we thought you might like to know a little about her!

Olivia has worked with children- all ages, and has taught landscape drawing classes at Buckingham Palace for several years. Olivia says ‘This is something that all ages enjoy, I talk about a few techniques and concepts such as perspective, vanishing points, horizon lines etc, and then the group is free to draw. Different ages and abilities can vary in how sophisticated they are with using these ideas, but it is all part of learning!I love inspiring people, and seeing their creativity. Every picture is different, don’t ever be envious of what someone else has done- you are all unique, and will have different strengths and weaknesses, different talents and imaginations- be proud of your achievements, even when trying something for the first time.’

Olivia also teaches pottery to children, and has run craft classes to teenagers with special educational needs.

You can join her classes or any of our others here

Keep smiling everybody!

Mother Hen x

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