hen party life model in LondonWith his Victorian gentleman’s moustache, Rowland is one of our most popular London hen party life drawing models. Read on to learn more about his daring travelling adventures, plus a little-known secret about beards.

Q: Hi Rowland! I know you’re an avid bookworm – what are you reading at the moment?
A: I’m reading Eric Fromm’s The Art of Loving. It isn”t a 70s sex manual as the name suggests but a book about the different kinds of love, and how we can cultivate and practice love to be content. I really recommend it.

Q: Do you have any interesting tales from your travels?

A: I have several interesting tales! The Indian ones usually involve digestive ailments, but I’ve also stayed at Kanha national park in the valley where the Jungle Book was set and seen tigers in the wild, something I’ll remember as long as I live. I’ve visited a ruined palace by a river near Ujjain in central India where exorcisms take place. It was distinctly creepy. And a temple in the same town where the statue of a deity is supposed to drink alcohol offered to it.

Q: I’ve heard you’re a keen cyclist-  what’s the furthest you’ve cycled in one trip?

A: The furthest I cycled in one trip was from Rye to Dover along the coast, camping on the way – around 45 miles.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about modelling for hen party life drawing in London?

A: My favourite thing about modelling for hen parties is seeing the participants surprise themselves with the progress they can make in their drawing in two hours, and how much they enjoy drawing, even though many claim they can’t do it at the beginning. It’s a really good activity to break the ice with a group of people who may not all know each other. Once you’ve drawn a naked man together, you know each other that bit better than before!

Q: Do you have a fun fact to share?

A: Fun fact: Whatever the hair colour, most men’s beards look a bit ginger when they get long enough.

Thanks Rowland! 

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