Are you planning a hen party and looking for a unique and unforgettable experience? Look no further than Hens with Pens, where you can unleash your creativity and have a blast with your friends. And now, we're excited to introduce a new option that will get everyone moving and grooving - Come Dance with Us!
Hens with Pens has always been known for its fun and interactive life drawing classes, where you and your hens can draw a gorgeous nude male model. But why stop at drawing when you can also dance? With Come Dance with Us, you and your friends can add a lively twist to your hen party.
Imagine the joy and laughter as you and your hens learn some exciting dance moves from a professional dance instructor. Whether you're into salsa, hip-hop, burlesque, or any other dance style, our expert instructor will tailor the session to match your preferences and skill levels. From beginners to experienced dancers, everyone can join in the fun and learn something new.
Come Dance with Us is not just about learning choreography; it's about letting loose, embracing your inner dancer, and celebrating the bride-to-be in style. Our dance sessions are designed to be inclusive and welcoming, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and empowered to showcase their moves.
In addition to the dance class itself, Hens with Pens will provide all the necessary equipment and materials to create a lively and vibrant atmosphere. From a booming sound system to mood lighting, we'll set the stage for an unforgettable dance party. You can also add some extra flair with themed decorations and props, making the experience even more memorable.
Whether you choose to combine Come Dance with Us with our life drawing class or make it a standalone activity, Hens with Pens guarantees a fantastic time for you and your hens. You'll create lasting memories, bond with your friends, and have plenty of laughter-filled moments.
So, if you're ready to kick up your heels and dance the night away, choose Hens with Pens and opt for Come Dance with Us. It's the perfect way to add energy, excitement, and a whole lot of fun to your hen party. Get ready to dance, laugh, and celebrate the upcoming wedding with style and grace.