Lets get creative!
These gorgeous balloon Bouquets are simple to make and stunning to look at. This could also be a nice gift to the bride at the hen do! So lets get to it…
1. Fill the balloon - With sand/ water/ flour etc.
Before you fill the balloon with sand, you need to pre-stretch it by blowing it up to approximately half it's normal size and letting the air out again.
If you don’t have a funnel, the easiest way to fill your balloon is to make your own funnel from an empty 500 ml plastic bottle. 
The size of its neck is ideal for both stretching open the neck of the balloon and for pouring in sand quickly.
2. Dress the balloon weight with tulle and cellophane 
- Cut a square of cellophane (40 x 40 cm | 16 x 16 inches), snip off the corners and lay it on a flat surface. 
- Next cut two 25 cm (10 inches) lengths of tulle and cut a slit in the center of each of them, just big enough to slip over the ring.
4. Once your balloon is filled you can wrap and tie it.