Drawers Off! C4 New series featuring our fabulous Model + Tutor duo, Luke and Helen. Lets see what they go up to during this awesome experience...
How did you hear about the show?
"We got on the show after seeing a social media post asking for professional life models for a tv show, Helen applied first and told me about it. I mentioned Hens With Pens in my application and sent pictures of previous life modelling classes I participated in, including one image of me posing on a ladder! That must have caught their attention as they provided a ladder for me to pose on the day."
How did the day unfold?
"The production company In Manchester were excellent. Lots of communication phone calls and obviously very aware to make sure we were looked after. They arranged a hotel for us as we filmed on different days."
Did you know what to expect from this fab experience?
"On the day I’d had a little idea of what was going to happen because Helen's day of filming was prior to mine. 
It was great to meet the host Jenny Eclair, and the art advisor Diana before we started. 
Diana approved my poses with me and the curtain raised before the artists came in."
"The whole experience was wonderful and fantastic to be a part of, in particular seeing myself in the first title screens!
Afterwards, the production company contacted us both to make sure we were  both content and that our experience was enjoyable."