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With Covid-19 still wreaking havoc on the world as we know it and schools/ Universities limiting access to certain products until safer, cleaner options can be found. You may feel deprived of your usual go-to de-stress art form. But do not fret, we have some solutions for you!

Here are our favourite alternative art activities!

Many don’t have access to paints at home so why not get creative and make your own paint using natural ingredients? Think to yourself, what could blend together to make a paint like substance? Perhaps, coffee? Vegetables? Food colouring? Spices?

Why not spin a colour wheel, choose a number of objects you’re going to collect. Then go around your house finding one object of each colour that your wheel lands on. Do this for the amount of times you selected. Then see what you can create! Let your mind go crazy! There are no limits.

Find a group of those around you, have one person place a random object or person in the centre of the room. Grab yourself some paper and pencils/pens/ paints.
Fold your paper into equal parts and one by one draw a part of the object or
person, pass the paper around the room in order then unfold to unveil your
picasso like drawing! Notice how everyone’s drawing style is different?

Challenge yourself with a 12 day competition with those in your household. Create a 12 piece bingo card with one creativity activity in each box. This can be anything!
Anything that interests you or challenges your creativity. It could be drawing your favourite hobby, creating art from your garden, trying clay art. ANYTHING! Keep all of your creations and tick off the actives over 12 days. On your final day, gather all of you creations and show each other!

Sometimes you just can’t express yourself through words, or maybe you just don’t want to. Why not challenge yourself to capture your day in a drawing, a collage or photo. You can use prompts to give you inspiration like “Who am i?” “ What did I enjoy?” “Who/what inspires me?”

Why not give some of these a try! Send us your results by tagging us on your social media!

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