Did you know Hens with Pens is an inclusive company and we do it with PRIDE!!
All of our staff are enabled to express their preferred pro-nouns as well as how they feel they identify... we think it's important for everyone to be accepted for exactly who they are. As such we work with models and tutors of all genders & sexualities.
In terms of booking, for you the customer, we offer a choice of visual identity for your model, Masculine, Feminine, Intersex or you can just select 'Any' if the visual gender of your team is not important. We enable and encourage our teams to introduce themselves to you, be themselves and if they have a particular pro-noun request not to be shy about letting you know. 
We hold events and parties for ANY group dynamic.. so however your group is fabulously made-up we'll have a team to suit you... and if you have any particular requests or concerns just talk to one of our friendly team.
We are actively recruiting in all communities so if you would like to talk to us about modelling or tutoring just drop us a line or complete the application on our jobs page.