; Let's Draw to Ease Our Minds - Hens with Pens
Putting pencil to paper allows you to give yourself some space from uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts and engage in an activity you can control AND let go. It’s for you to decide what to draw and what colours to add. While focused on the creative process, you aren’t giving energy to your anxiety.
Drawing can boost mindfulness It’s normal for distracting, negative thoughts to cloud your mind as your draw, if you don’t engage with the feelings, and they drift away. Focus on the movement of your hand across the page, the texture of the paper and the brightness of any colours you add. (watercolours are great for this)
Takes your mind off things When you’re focused on creating, you don’t focus on your worries. However, if your problems continue to linger, you can incorporate them into your creations. You don’t need to complete it, or frame it, you can throw it away if you fancy! But either way,  you should have a clearer head with which to tackle your problems again. 
And if you fancy taking your skills to task with a group of like-minded friends there doesn't need to be a wedding to book a life-drawing party 
Just do it for the fun of it!!