; Let's Get Arty - What can we paint? - Hens with Pens
A question we're often asked is 'What can we paint?' well, that depends on your group.. from something seasonal to something traditional we'll work with you and your ideas to create a memorable session .. you'll see a few of Mother hens' recent classes above, just for a few ideas!
Our tutors are all professional artists (including Mother Hen) in their day jobs so they have a wide experience with drawing and creativity. They will be in touch with you prior to the party to talk through how they plan to deliver the 90 minutes and get a feel from you of what you would like to paint or whether perhaps you have a particular theme for your party weekend that they can incorporate. This pre-conversation is also key in checking with you if the 'guest of honor' or other members of the party have any specific considerations we need to be aware of.
We'll bring everything you need and guide you through creating a mini-masterpiece!
So if you're looking for a fun non-nude art session for your party that is suitable for all then this is the party type for you!