Hens with With Q&A with a Life Model - JULIAN LEWIS
How did you start life modelling?
Julian began life modelling three years ago, despite having no artistic background. He was also shy of exposing his body. “I’m the idiot who used to change on the beach with a towel wrapped around me, falling over and resembling Bambi. As if anyone wanted to look at me anyway.
“When I was about 28, my French girlfriend at the time told me wearing clothes in the sea was ridiculous. She was correct. The sense of freedom was immense and I’ve not worn trunks swimming since.” After spending so much time unclothed on foreign holiday beaches Julian found the initial session of posing naked in a room of strangers easy.
Why do you enjoy it?
I get such a buzz being part of the creative process. I receive more sincere respect,  gratitude and warmth than any employer has ever afforded me over 35 years.
I am body confident. I do not care a jot what people think of my  nude form and anyone attending a life model  drawing session fully expects to see a human  nude. My skin is my uniform for the job. On average, I turn down at least two  model jobs a week because I am booked out in  advance. I regularly model for 12 studios,  workshops and colleges in Wiltshire. In total,  I pose for about 18 tutors and about 200  artists across the county. 
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