Model Matters: Q&A with a Life Model - MIKE W.

How did you start life modelling?
I started with "traditional" life modelling, but for three years I had worked as what's known in the industry as a "road warrior" stripper! So I'm very comfortable in my favourite suit; my birthday suit.
The modelling for Hens With Pens is much more classy and fun than the stripping was, and I much prefer it!
Why do you enjoy it?
I love the mix of lighthearted fun with actually trying your hand at drawing one of the oldest subjects in art, the naked human body. Obviously there's no pressure for anyone to be good at it, just to have fun having a go and playing some artistic games to keep things lively!
Funniest experience?
I think the funniest was when I was the tutor (I have an Art "A"Level, which helps!) and the girls were asking if I also modelled, which of course I do. When I said yes, it wasn't long before both the model and I, after some persuasion, were both in our birthday suits and the girls had two naked men; one to draw and one to tutor! This is a rare occurrence however, so don't expect every booking to work out like that! ;-)