How did you start life modelling?
I was working as a personal trainer and a female client I was training said have you ever thought about being a life model? I hadn't actually.  Over the years I had quite a few comments from women that I was well endowed and bigger than average and that I should think about capitalising on that. 
Once I'd overcome my (very English) reservations about the issue, it made sense I thought - you only live once. Plus a few extra quid comes in handy. So I looked into it and sent in some pictures of myself to a few places and it started from there really. 
Why do you enjoy it?
I get to meet some all sorts of interesting people and give the hens a good time on what is a special occasion, I like to have a chat with them and put a smile on their faces.
Also some of the country houses where I have worked have been beautiful, It gives me another reason to stay in shape and it helps with my philosophical enquiries into nature of consciousness.
Standing naked in front of a group of people can be very liberating in a funny sort of way. I very much appreciate the need for real life models, what would the ancient Greeks or Leonard da Vinci have done without naked muses?
Funniest experience?
I've had some wild hens who get quite grabby and over excited. One time the art tutor (an older lady who had never done something like this before) freaked out and couldn't control the (has to be said) rather drunk group of hens at all.  It didn't bother me! That scene made me chuckle.
On another occasion I had to persuade another drunk hen not to send naked pictures of my unit to her husband whom she was arguing with to embarrass him for not measuring up in that department. I said it wouldn't be fair at all but she wouldn't listen.
Another time I was modelling in an upstairs room of a house in Bath and found I had attracted an audience of bemused customers from a high end jewellery shop directly opposite. There were no blinds.