Not sure if you want to go for the Full Monty or the Bares Bones?
Malcolm, one of our fabulous Tutor's worked with a model the past weekend who mentioned that he and the hens usually enjoyed a class more when there is a tutor running the class, this helps the model not the break the fourth wall and allows the tutor to do their thing!
“A tutor adds a level of normality and focus to a life class. Normality because we teach life drawing in our everyday lives dispelling the awkwardness of seeing and observing a nude. Some hens are very shy to look and we encourage lots of looking and observation, as that is the key to drawing the life form. Some hens find it difficult to focus on drawing, maybe because they have never done it before, or they believe they can’t draw. A tutor gives them a few tools to focus, the belief they can draw and therefore the ability to enjoy the task of observing the model - which is what the really want to do.”
HWP Tutor - Catharine