No longer is the 'drink' the most alluring part of gathering, but the gathering itself around one fun idea!
We’ve increasingly have inquiries about themed events, our models and tutors are very accommodating, therefore we thought we would share some ideas...
  • 1920’s/30’s - It’s very fashionable (not to mention, fun) to get dressed up in 1920s/1930s garb and adopt a speakeasy theme for parties these days.
  • Hogwarts/ Harry Potter - Believe it or not this is our most common request!
  • Gladiator - Who doesn’t love sexy gladiator theme, although unfortunately we can’t guarantee Russel Crowe can be present but we can dream right?
  • Cowboys and Indians - or how about Cowgirls vs Indians?
  • Superheros- because let's face it, we all wish we could be like one of those badass hens!
  • 60/70/80/90’s throwbacks - maybe a classic fashion shock from the 80s? a joke Kriss Kross outfit from the 90s? Who can recreate an iconic look the best?
  • Gender swap- why not try a gender swap fashion theme? Ever wonder what your male counterparts look like in stilettos… hehe us too! (let’s do it!)
Keen on hosting at a venue? Let us do the hard work for you, if you wish to hunt yourself here are some tips;
Host it at a bar, restaurant or coffee shop, as it is to pull of a 'theme' as you won't want a bunch of stuff crowding their establishment. If you go this route, I'd highly recommend calling the business beforehand to make sure they can accommodate you, if you need to reserve tables, and if there'd be a fee. 
Panning on having your Do in Liverpool? check out one of our fav venues The Vintage Playrooms. Step into a time-machine you are invited into a wonderful world of hand made toys and gifts.
No Venue budget? No problem. Open up your home. You don't need tons of seating, generally artists are fine drawing on the floor.
Never the less, there are little to no boundaries! Only the boundary of your imagination!
If you have any queries about themes for your party let us know today! As soon as we know your desired theme we’ll chat to our lovely models and tutors to create an atmosphere to mirror your idea.