Thinking Outside The Box For Hen Party Fun

If you are organising a hen party in the not too distant future it may be worth thinking outside the box, especially if we are still in lockdown when the hen party date comes around.

Getting A Little Creative To Have Fun

Let`s face it, it could even be 2021 before pubs, clubs and restaurants are open to the public once more, so we need to get a little creative to have some fun this year. But that`s OK as I don`t think it does us any harm once in a while to look at the world in a different light and expand our horizons as to what constitutes fun. Life is full of possibilities and magic if only we look hard enough!!

So you have to think of some fun activity that everyone, whatever age they are, can participate in and get some enjoyment out of. If we are still social distancing it has to be something where you can stay in those guidelines but still share all of the fun. Life has changed for all of us and we have to embrace this and find ways to still enjoy ourselves, stay sociable and communicate with others through all the channels that are available.

Attending A Life Drawing Class

One very fun and enlightening activity you can organise for a hen party, or any other party or group for that matter, is to attend a life drawing class, either where the life drawing tutors and models come to your venue, or you can all attend an online session if we are still in a strict lockdown situation. Here at Hens With Pens we have great reviews of our life drawing classes by participants as well as our other classes – fancy a party and not sure about life-drawing? Why not request an alternative – Botanical Drawing, Landscape Drawing or Experimental Art such as Opie inspired work.

Get In The Moment & Wash All Your Cares Away

The online life drawing classes are great fun as well as providing people with the opportunity to learn a new skill and get their creative juices flowing once more. Drawing nude models is not easy but with the help and encouragement of the tutors you will be surprised at how much you can progress even in a very short period of time. Life drawing is a great way to get in the moment, wash all your cares away and just concentrate on creating something original on your canvas.

If you want more details on the life drawing classes provided by Hens With Pens you can check out their website at this link:

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