Why Now Is The Best Time EVER To Be An Artist

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I am sure you have heard of the term `struggling artist` many, many times over the years. Going back through time there have been so many examples of great artists living in virtual destitution and only getting recognised long after their death, which can`t be of much consolation to them!

Being An Artist Has Always Been Seen As A Vocation

Being an artist has never really been thought of as a career opportunity, more of a vocation, where you throw away any chance of actually making any money to follow your dream in life. It has been a sad state of affairs but artists have never really been seen as an essential component of the capitalist system, or any other system for that matter.

But things are beginning to change and now, with the advent of online platforms, there is the real opportunity for artists to exhibit their art to people all over the world and sell their drawings and paintings direct from those platforms.

Create Wonderful Online Exhibition Experiences

Take the platform The Exhibit for example. On there you can create wonderful exhibition experiences so if you are an artist or a curator you can exhibit and reach art collectors all around the globe.

Through this platform, which by the way you can find by clicking on The Exhibit, you have the chance to hold unlimited online exhibitions, and through it promote any offline exhibitions that you might be holding.

Make Your Art Accessible To Art Lovers Around The World

You can have a real global reach and make your exhibitions accessible for art collectors and art lovers around the world. Reach millennial art buyers online and build shoppable exhibition experiences that aren’t restricted by physical access to your gallery space.

Of course, the platform takes a commission for any art that you sell through their channel but the fees are pretty low and I don`t think you will be quibbling if you are selling your drawings and paintings on there on a regular basis.

I am just using this particular platform as an example, you can do your own due diligence and I am sure you’ll find many other online platforms where you will be able to sell your art, and of course, you can always set up your own e-commerce website if you wish to.

If you an artist or a budding artist and you want to improve your art, why not join our popular online life drawing classes with Hens with Pens. For more details on these classes contact our friendly team on 0203 4883180

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