Draw me like one of your french girls

Every one of our fabulous models has their own favourite pose to highlight their best features, but they will always go through a wide variety poses for your whole group to focus on different parts of the body. This helps us highlight the beauty of some of the most ‘boring’ parts of the human form.

Mirror, Mirror What makes a good venue?

Don’t you just find sometimes having to choose your own venue can be a daunting task, so what makes a good venue you might ask?

Hens with Pens At home art activities for all ages

With Covid-19 still wreaking havoc on the world as we know it and schools/ Universities limiting access to certain products until safer, cleaner options can be found. You may feel deprived of your usual go-to de-stress art form. But do not fret, we have some solutions for you!

Hen House updates - we’ve made some changes!

The henhouse understands you may have some questions about how things might run now that our favourite virus has taken a grip on the world. So we decided to let you what will be changing in the world of Hens With Pens life drawing activities.

Curious about our hiring process?

Have you ever wondered what the Henhouse does to ensure you're in good hands when choosing our models or tutors?

Eye spy with my little eye…

If you are reading this then we wouldn’t be surprised if you are the designated party planner for your hen do or party and are pondering just how many models, tutors or photographers we have across the UK?

Winter Hen Party

Cold winter skies, dark nights, a group of your favourite people and one of our cluckingly fabulous hens with pens life drawing team… doesn’t that just sound refreshing?!

I see changes over the hill... Hens with Pens parties have adapted!

Coronavirus has changed the modern world as we know it, whilst things might not be the way we remember or wish they could be, we can still make the best of our situation.

Let’s go on an artistic adventure with Hens with Pens

We’re taking a guess that whilst your lockdown months may have been full of DIY and self-care, they were quite … well..boring..!?

Themed Parties.. how can we help?

Are you the designated event planner for your friends hen party? Looking to have a blast at your hen party but want to avoid L-plates and comical blow-up dolls? Have no fear, as modern hen parties can be classy, quirky and individual – the only limit is your imagination! Hens with Pens hen party life drawing make it our business to help you have...

Rule number 1- Don’t Panic!

Even in the hen house we know that despite everyone’s best efforts sometimes, not everything goes to plan.