Thurday's Mantage

Images from recent events

Photographer Germaine Krull Captured 1920s Women in Intimate

Photographer Germaine Krull Captured 1920s Women in Intimate

Bottoms up!

What more do you want to see on a Thursday other than some glorious bottoms?

Suns out, bums out!

A few fab shots from last weekend, it looks like everyone had a great time!

Eileen Agar at Whitechapel Gallery

See the largest-ever major exhibition of artist Eileen Agar at the Whitechapel Gallery

Restrictions lifting and what it means for us

Restrictions have lifted, but what does that mean for Hens with Pens?

A Glorious Weekend

The sun is out, restrictions have lifted, let the good times roll. Here is a summery from a very sunny weekend filled with laughter and prosecco.

So who is Mother Hen??

It's been a long asked question! Yes, hens, models and tutors often ask who is Mother Hen.. here, she tells us a bit about herself and why you can trust Hens with Pens.

Tuesday's Mantage

Another weekend of life drawing classes has been and gone. For one of our hen parties, It was all things Cowboy in South Cerney!

The Knife Angel Sculpture, Herefordshire

Do you live in the Hereford area or planning to visit sometime soon? Then this might interest you.

Tutor Tattle: Q&A with our Artistic Tutor - Catherine

Catherine is not only a tutor, but an artist in her own right, face painter and raising a family of her own.